All Up-lights Are Not Equal

All up-lights are not equal. There are a lot of sub-par “cheap” lights on the market that require long cords needing electrical access or lights that can become very hot during regular usage. This can create liability with your event or cause you not have as many lights as you need due to limited electrical outlet availability.  What you get with me are the latest in LED battery powered technology. This means that my up-lights require no external electrical access and are safer to use than traditional up-lights. This allows me to offer more up-lights to beautify your event space.

6 Color LED Lighting

Standard LED up-lights typically only contain a mixture of 3 colors  that can be blended to create the color for your event. These are Red, Green or Blue (or RGB). Our up-lights use a mixture of 6 colors (Red, Blue, Green, White, Amber, UV (black light)). This makes for a richer color palate. and that’s just the beginning.

Lights and Music Together

Our sophisticated, state of the art system ties our LED up-lights into our sound system. This means that when the party starts the LED up-lights can change color with the pace of the music creating a magical and memorable evening.